Press release
TEGO RC Silicones
July 21, 2016

State of the art pilot facility in Richmond

The Richmond Business & Innovation Technical Center offers a state of the art pilot facility for trials with our customers and Partners.

Our Faustel coating line includes a three-roll offset gravure system, Enercon Corona Treater and an Eltosch Inert chamber with arc lamps. This line is available for customer trials, product development or training with our TEGO® RC silicones upon request.

The three-roll, gravure coating head has a coating width of 610 mm (24 inches). All rolls can be driven independently. The three-roll coater allows for coat weights as low as 0.5 g/m2 up to 2.0 g/m². The enclosed doctor blade system is a Faustel design with center mounted doctor blade. During trials, line speeds can be varied from 75 - 800 feet/min. (25 – 250 m/min.). All substrates whether paper or plastic films can be handled with a minimum film thickness of one mil (25 microns). The corona pre-treatment (necessary for good adhesion of the silicone to the substrate) is applied in-line.

Roll Dimensions

Max. silicone width: 23.375” (59.37 cm)
Max. substrate width: 24” (60 cm)
Max. diameter roll: 60cm
Core diameter: 3 or 6” (76 or 152 mm)

Our Three-Roll System Speed

Gravure roll Speed 20 to 50 % of line speed
Chrome plated roll 220 QCH CtWt 1.0 to 1.4 gsm, 260 QCH CtWt 0.8 to 1.06
Application roll Speed 90 to 110 % of line speed, standard 98.5%, EPDM covered steel roll, hardness 60 Shore A


Nip footprint should be a minimum between applicator and gravure, footprint to backing roll 11.5 mm, roll diameter 6.5 inches

Inert Chamber

The UV system was built by Eltosch, Hamburg (Germany). It offers two arc UV lamps of 200 W/cm with adjustable power output from 40 – 400 W/cm. The nitrogen inerted curing chamber maintains oxygen content below 50 ppm which is necessary for good curing of our free radical technology. The nitrogen consumption at 250 m/min. is as low as 75 m³/h.


For trials, product development or technical training please contact our technical service team.

Evonik Corporation
Richmond Business & Innovation Center
7801 Whitepine Road Richmond, VA 23237
+1 (804) 727-0780