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Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) LABELS

TEGO® RC Silicones - Tailor made for labelstock applications

Labels play an important role in today’s economy. Nearly 40% of all labels produced are pressure sensitive labels, a powerful and cost effective means of labeling for many applications. 


The label is held in place by a release liner which allows for a high speed and high precision labeling process. This liner is made of paper, filmic or other materials. Filmic substrates offer a perfect silicone hold out, reducing cost for silicones. The thin substrate yields more labels per roll, reducing cost for roll handing and transportation. 

The siliconizing of thin filmic liners is only possible by the cold curing process using UV curing silicones. 30 µm BoPP release liners reduce the cost for handling waste by more than 50% compared to Glassine/SCK paper. Due to recyclability, siliconized BoPP film offers also an environmental benefit.

Here you will find more information about our linerless labels:

Brochure Linerless Labels 16:9
Brochure "No liner - no waste! Linerless labels with TEGO® RC Silicones"

Linerless  labels are especially suitable for thermal labels and wrap around labels. Also prime labels can be produced linerless. Many good reasons for the increasing interests in linerless labels. The label industry is ready for the next step – get rid of the release liner. No liner, no waste.