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TEGO RC Silicones
February 6, 2018

STRENGTH AND PERFORMANCE – Even without a support

With Evonik's innovative TEGO® RC Silicones for linerless labels systems

Self-adhesive labels usually require a release liner which supports their production and storage until they are used which typically results in a lot of waste. Now, new technology from Evonik helps to reduce the wastage from self-adhesive labels by removing the need for the backing material, whilst also ensuring optimal performance and that the labels only stick to where they are supposed to.

With conventional self-adhesive labels, as much as forty percent of the total material goes into the trash. As soon as the label is removed, the paper or plastic backing material is no longer required. This results in mountains of waste, and in Europe alone, up to 300,000 metric tons per year of paper and plastic liners end in landfill and incineration plants.

To help meet this challenge, Evonik’s innovative TEGO® RC Silicones have enabled innovative label systems that require no liners at all. The product from Evonik’s Interface & Performance Business Line is applied invisibly to the upper surface of the print label over the printed surface, the labels can even be rolled up without sticking to each other. Not only does this save forty percent of the overall weight and the associated material costs, but it also helps to conserve resources.

Efficient curing through ultraviolet radiation instead of heat

Naturally the labels need to stick well at the intended point of application and do their job, and this is where ultraviolet light comes in: The Evonik silicones form a network when subjected to UV radiation and then cure. This way they adhere to the intended surface in just a fraction of a second. With conventional self-adhesive labels, this effect is achieved through heat, which requires more energy. The Evonik technology not only reduces waste, but also saves energy consumption compared to label systems with thermally cured silicones and it protects the label itself. This is referred to as “radiation cured” - in the market – and is the “RC” in the brand name of Evonik’s TEGO® RC Silicones.

Examples in daily life are packages of delivery services, or in the supermarket at the cheese counter; in both cases, linerless labels are applied for providing all the variable information print (VIP) that’s needed about the goods on a thermal paper. For such heat sensitive thermal paper Evonik launched a special product TEGO® RC 1717 at this year`s Labelexpo Europe. As the world’s largest trade fair for labelling and package printing, Evonik used the event in Brussels, Belgium to present and demonstrate this novel solution for direct thermal linerless labels:

TEGO® RC 1717 – Protection for linerless thermal labels

The superior coating layer obtained with TEGO® RC 1717 enables the use of more economical thermal paper that has no top coat which results in significant cost savings. TEGO® RC 1717 is used in combination with both TEGO® RC 902 and TEGO® Photoinitiator A18. This blend offers good silicone hold out and improved silicone anchorage, providing stable premium release properties over time and shows outstanding thermal printing performance with no silicone build-up on printing heads. Additionally, substrates coated with the above blend are safe to use in food applications (ISEGA).

With such cost-effective thermal papers able to be used, Evonik’s RC technology provides an economic advantage as well as the ecological benefits from reducing wastage and using less energy.

More information can be found about TEGO® RC products in our ‘No liner – No waste’ linerless brochure and discover the full product range at or contact .

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