TEGO® RC Silicones - For high speed inline siliconizing

Free radical curing RC silicones

The current generation of TEGO® RC silicone acrylates covers the whole range of release levels (premium/easy via controlled to tight release applications). This is based on a system of various silicone acrylate components and a photoinitiator, which are blended in order to acquire the desired release characteristic.

The curing mechanism of silicone acrylates is very robust and unaffected by impurities in the substrate. The curing reaction is much faster compared to the cationic polymerisation. There is no post-curing and no photoinitiator poisoning. This allows the use of many substrates for siliconizing, especially paper substrates. The silicone coating is ready for conversion, in-line adhesive coating or quality testing immediately after curing.

Silicone acrylates need an inert atmosphere (nitrogen) when cured because the presence of oxygen will lead to the termination of the polymerization. Inerted UV units are state of the art and can be built by a number of manufacturers.

Benefits of free radical curing

  • Unlimited choice of silicone base papers (SCK, Glassine, CCK and PEK)
  • Use of alternative low cost papers (printing, label face, magazine papers) 
  • All filmic substrates (even coloured films, PVC)
  • Siliconizing of printed surfaces, thermal papers, office papers, aluminium foils 
  • Extremly fast cure without post-curing

Overview brochure for our RC Silicones

TEGO® RC Silicones are a perfect fit for release liners for all applications. Typical fields of application are industrial release liners, self-adhesive labels, graphic arts, tapes and hygienic products.

In-line coating with TEGO® RC Silicones

Through cooperations with equipment manufacturers for converting and coating as well as material suppliers Evonik's TEGO® RC team strives for continuous improvement of processes, making us the partner of choice for in-line siliconizing. TEGO® RC Silicones guarantee successful in-line converting of entire labels.

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