TEGO® RC Silicones - Ideal for hygiene applications

Personal hygiene

Personal hygiene applications include diaper tapes and feminine hygiene products. 

In these applications, cold curing of UV curing silicones enable the use of extremely thin and therefore more economical filmic substrates. Even the siliconizing of non-woven materials is possible. Diaper tapes which require zip free high release values can be achieved by using TEGO® RC Silicones. Thin publishing papers, in combination with our reduced penetration silicones, offer new possibilities as release liners for hygiene applications.

Evonik UV radical curing silicones offer many advantages for the production and use of these products. UV curing and coating with TEGO® RC Silicones at room temperature means less consumption of energy and no stress to the substrate allowing for the use of all manner of heat sensitive materials. Paper shows excellent lay-flat behavior. Thin gauge substrates, recycled material, non-wovens and even plant based substrates can all be coated successfully.