TEGO® RC Silicones

Linerless labels – The sustainable approach

Get rid of the release liner. No liner, no waste. While the basic concept has existed in the industry for long time, innovations have developed to allow for a greater range of applications.

Linerless is about to replace standard commodity labeling as well. The unique curing mechanism of TEGO® RC Silicones allows film and paper labels to be siliconized on top of the print, whereas thermal and cationic cure mechanisms may interfere with components of the printed ink. The reverse side of the label is adhesive coated and the label is rolled up without a liner, just like a tape.

A few concepts for your consideration:

  • Linerless thermal labels: Pick and pay labels and logistic labels go linerless. The thermal sensitive paper is siliconized with a UV curing silicone. The variable information print is applied through the silicone layer to the thermal paper. 
  • Linerless wrap around labels for groceries: The label has adhesive stripes coated to the edges only and silicone stripes on the top side to handle the adhesive without a liner. This label concept is gaining popularity for meat and poultry labeling. 
  • Linerless label for primary labels. Some linerless label applicators are using a guillotine knife to separate the labels right before dispensing. A more advanced linerless label concept involves using a die cutting tool to cut a micro perforation to separate the labels. The attached parts of the labels are separated by a special applicator head right before dispensing. Such applicator units can be retrofitted to most label dispensing lines.