TEGO® RC is now a system solution provider for partners in the Pressure Sensitive Additives (PSA) market.

The acquisition of the Performance Material Devision (PMD) Business of Air Products by Evonik enables TEGO® RC to now offer solutions for two important components of PSA products – the release layer and the adhesive from one source.

PSA products such as labels and tapes consists of the facestock, the adhesive, the silicone layer and eventually a release liner. In the final product the adhesive and the silicone release coating are adjacent to each other. Our customers in the PSA market benefit not only from our broader product range however also from our adhesive formulation and application knowhow and our global services.

Brochure "Additives for Waterborne Acrylic Pressure Sensitive Adhesives"

The product portfolio of wetting agents and antifoams targets high speed coating applications of waterborne acrylics in PSA applications. Excellent substrate wetting and foam control while maintaining adhesive properties like peel, tack, shear, clarity and water resistance can be achieved. The high speed application
process requires homogeneous and pinhole free adhesive coating and formation of a stable curtain during the curtain coating process.