TEGO® RC Silicones - Versatility at your service


A key feature of all self-adhesive (pressure sensitive) products is the permanently tacky adhesive. It is only possible to produce self-adhesive products and transport them to the point of application if this tacky surface is protected by a carrier. For this purpose the contact side of the carrier material is silicone coated. Such a carrier is often called a release liner.

Due to their versatility, TEGO® RC Silicones are used to produce release liners for many self-adhesive applications. Our radiation cured silicones generate new business opportunities because they can bring solutions to problems which traditionally cured silicones can not solve.

Technology Advantages:

  • Cold curing technology enables the use of heat-sensitive substrates like PE, PP, PET, BOPP
  • The fast curing reaction enables high line speeds. Suitable for in-line processes (adhesive coating, printing, double side coating)
  • No remoisturisation of paper substrates, no paper shrinkage
  • Absolute lay flat performance of paper backed laminates
  • Almost unlimited choice of substrate with free radical curing silicones
  • Environmentally friendly (i.e. low energy consumption, no solvents)