Health information

RC Silicones are considered safe for their intended use when used in accordance with the safety data sheet and good manufacturing practices. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend wearing protective gloves and safety goggles when working with TEGO® RC Silicones because they can have effects to eyes and skin. The contamination of skin, clothing, tools or machinery parts with RC Silicones should to be avoided. For details on specific health and safety data as well as industrial hygiene recommendations, please refer to our safety data sheets.

The potential for RC silicones to form aerosols is generally low under most conditions. The formation of aerosols (misting) begins at high coating speeds, typically above 400 m/min (1200 ft/min). If you run high line speeds or aerosols are observed, installation of an appropriate ventilation unit or enclosure is recommended. Aerosols not only interfere with other coating processes, but they are harmful if inhaled.

During UV curing, RC Silicones change from a liquid oligomer to a solid polymer. In the polymeric stage the molecular weight can be assumed infinite. The reactive groups are consumed during the curing. The safety data for the liquid RC Silicones are thus not applicable for the cured RC Silicones. The standard DIN EN ISO 10993 can help estimate whether a cured silicone coating based on our RC Silicones is innocuous for skin contact. 

Release coatings intended for use in contact with foodstuffs have to be in compliance with the respective regulations. Many of our products have food contact approval (FDA/ FCN) and/or are tested by an independent institute (ISEGA) when formulated and cured as specified. In case of a long time direct contact with foodstuff, we always recommend an analysis on the final product under consideration of the packaging design, to be on the safe side. This becomes especially important if the final application or the foodstuff used has the potential to degrade the silicone polymer i.e. by hydrolysis. 

We will be glad to provide further information when evaluating whether or not the products manufactured by your company correspond to applicable laws.

Please contact us, if you are in need for more information concerning ISEGA, FDA and food or skin contact.