Technology advantages of TEGO® RC Silicones

Our TEGO® RC Silicones generate new business opportunities. They bring solutions to problems which traditionally cured silicones cannot offer.

The cold cure allows for the use of heatsensitive substrates. Film thickness of PE, PP or PVC films can be minimized to reduce cost. Paper substrates do not need to be remoisturized and show absolute lay-flat performance. The very fast cure makes it possible to use TEGO® RC Silicones in inline processes together with adhesive coating. It also enables for very high line speeds.

UV curing equipment is very compact, allowing to retrofit existing coating and converting lines with siliconizing capabilities. Compared to traditional thermal ovens, UV curing equipment also saves money on the investment, space and energy.

Benefits of UV technology:

  • Cold curing technology
  • Fast cure 
  • No dry-out of paper substrates 
  • Low energy consumption 
  • No solvents 
  • Compact, space saving curing units 
  • Low equipment investment

TEGO® RC Silicones are suitable for release liners for all applications. Typical fields of application are self-adhesive labels, graphic arts, tapes and hygienic products.

Many of our products have food contact approval (ISEGA, FDA/FCN) when formulated and cured as specified. Please check with us for more detailed information. Together with our customers, we will work to select the appropriate silicone technology and product formulation, either radical curing silicone acrylates or cationic curing epoxy silicones. 


One of our keys to success is our excellent technical face-to-face service with a global reach. Our long lasting experience with all aspects of silicone coating and curing allows us to support our customers to increase efficiency and find optimum solutions to their challenges.

Whether you are new to siliconizing or you are changing from conventional thermal silicones, please contact us. We are glad to give you in-depth information on topics related to release coatings, UV siliconizing processes, the correct choice of silicone formulation and also Off machine tests for a full quality control and application development.

Please feel free to contact our technical service teams in the US, Europe and Asia if you have any questions.